Accountability on the go

'Your Health Coach' is an innovative app-based accountability program, and it is a stand-alone element of what I offer in my 90-day transformational package. Essentially it is everything you need from a Health Coach, but all on a nifty little app. If you're short on time or not quite ready to dive into an intensive program, then this is for you. Once you're signed up, I will produce a tailor-made program just for you. I approach this as I do with all of my coaching, from a holistic point of view. It encompasses several different elements that you can use to improve your overall health. These include:


•Personalised meal plans, shopping lists & delicious recipes
•Improve your immune function
•Lose Weight
•Reduce Stress
•Build Muscle
•Improve Sleep
•Double your energy
•Exercise more with home workouts
•Holistic approach - your plan covers all areas of your health & wellness


•Accountability - I'll be overseeing your progress daily.

•Easily record your results

•Daily check-ins & message support

•Motivation to hit your goals

•Remote coaching. I'm on the end of the app cheering you on & supporting you throughout.

•Home-based workouts to get you in shape


•Less than £1.50 a day ( £45 charged monthly)
•Cancel any time

It's super-easy to sign up. Click the link below to be taken to the plans & pricing page. After payment has been completed you will be given a unique link to complete your intake form and to download the app. Within 24 hours you will have your tailored lifestyle plan and I will be checking in on you each day.

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