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  • What qualifications do you currently hold?
    Memberships and Contributions: Certified Health Coach (HCI - ICF Accredited): Trained to guide clients in achieving their health goals through personalised coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Certified Life Coach (HCI - ICF Accredited): Equipped to support clients in personal development and goal-setting, recognised by the International Coaching Federation. Certified Elite Trainer (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Advanced fitness training and program development expertise, certified by a globally recognised sports sciences organisation. Certified Master Trainer (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Master-level fitness and personal training qualification, emphasising advanced techniques and client management. Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Specialised in designing and implementing personalised fitness programs to help clients achieve their physical goals. Certified Transformation Specialist (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Focused on facilitating comprehensive lifestyle changes through targeted coaching and fitness strategies. Certified Bodybuilding Specialist (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Expert in bodybuilding techniques and training, certified to help clients achieve peak physical conditioning. Certified Online Coach (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Qualified to provide effective virtual coaching services, utilising online platforms for client interaction and program delivery. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Expertise in developing strength and conditioning programs to enhance athletic performance. Certified Nutritionist (ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association): Proficient in creating nutrition plans to support clients’ health and fitness goals, emphasising evidence-based practices. Memberships and Contributions: Guild of Holistic Therapists - Member: Demonstrates professional standing in holistic therapy with access to industry-leading resources and support. ACCPH - Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists - Member: Recognises adherence to high standards in coaching and therapy practices, providing credibility and professional support. ICF - International Coaching Federation - Member: Membership in a globally recognised organisation that upholds the highest coaching excellence and ethics standards. Brainz Magazine - Executive Contributor: Contributor to a prominent publication, sharing expert insights and knowledge in coaching and personal development.
  • How is my coaching delivered?
    The Total Transformation Programs sessions are 100% online via Zoom. After booking, you will receive a dedicated link. Following each session, you will receive an email recap within 24-48 hours.
  • Is Coaching the same as Therapy?
    Coaching elements can seem therapeutic; however, coaching focuses on action and goals, while therapy addresses trauma, mental health, and past issues. Coaching helps you identify where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. It involves reflection, identifying behavioural discrepancies, and achieving a new perspective. Tony Robbins explains that life coaching is designed to help ambitious achievers meet their goals and find fulfilment in all areas of life.
  • How is the coaching structured in each session?
    Total Transformation sessions start with discussing the past week’s successes, followed by addressing challenges and developing a positive mindset. Sessions often include experiential exercises and conclude with a recap of insights and aha moments. After each session, you will receive a session recap via email.
  • What makes you different from other Life Coaches?
    I offer coaching from a place of love, kindness, and experience, focusing on LGBTQ+ men and mental health advocacy. My sessions are safe, enlightening, challenging, and fun, always aiming to help you discover and embrace your choices.
  • Who is the ideal client for Whole Self Coach?
    At Whole Self Coach, I cater to successful corporate professionals aged 30-60 who lead comfortable lifestyles but struggle with self-confidence and self-esteem. My ideal clients are individuals who: Lifestyle: Live independently as homeowners or private tenants. Enjoy indulging in experiences that bring them joy. Are interested in personal growth but may struggle with motivation and feel intimidated in certain environments. Goals: Are determined to develop a self-confident and self-loving mindset. No longer want to feel second best or not good enough. Aspire to embrace their flaws while making positive changes for the future. Reject societal norms that dictate how they should live their lives. Pain Points: Lack of self-confidence and belief in themselves. Struggle with mental health and seek improvement. Desire lasting change and the ability to fall in love with themselves. Long for empowerment and not feeling second best or unseen. Past Experiences: Have faced bullying, experienced failed relationships, and developed a poor relationship with themselves. Often feel sad, disappointed, and overwhelmed. Lack direction but realise that now is the time for change — a make-or-break moment. How David at Whole Self Coach Meets Their Needs: Whole Self Coach offers a solution to these pain points by helping clients develop and maintain self-confidence, self-belief, and a sense of support. My coaching program empowers them to embrace their authentic selves and establish healthy boundaries with others and themselves. Through the coaching process, clients can improve both their mental and physical well-being, gaining a deep understanding of their own importance and worth. Life Improvements: Engaging with David at Whole Self Coach leads to transformative experiences. Clients develop improved relationships with themselves and others, no longer feeling lost or directionless. The coaching program is life-changing and rewarding, enabling clients to become more confident, happier, and healthier. Ultimately, they feel on top of the world, equipped with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. Thoughts Before Enrolling: Before enrolling in a coaching program with Whole Self Coach, consider the following questions to gauge your readiness and commitment on a scale of 1-10 (1 being not ready and 10 being ready to commit to and take action): How ready am I to make a significant change in my life? How committed am I to investing time and effort into my personal growth? How open am I to receiving support and guidance from a coach? How determined am I to overcome my current challenges and achieve my goals? Reflecting on these questions can help you assess your readiness for the transformative journey ahead. If you score yourself less than an 8 on any of these questions, coaching may not be for you just yet. Clients often feel anticipation and determination when considering any coaching program. But if you are eager to begin and feel it is the right time to make a lasting change in your lives, then investing in yourself is seen as a necessary step towards personal growth and fulfilment. Trigger for Enrollment: The final decision to enrol often comes from the instant connection clients feel with David, the coach at Whole Self Coach. David’s sense of humour and ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space make clients feel understood and supported. For further information and to start your journey towards self-improvement, get in touch with me today. I look forward to supporting you in achieving your goals and becoming the best version of yourself!
  • What types of coaching programs do you offer?
    I offer three main types of programs: Accountability Programs, Transformational Programs, and Corporate Coaching. Accountability Programs: These include Basic, Standard, and Premium plans, which are text-based services and feature daily text check-ins, scheduled coaching calls, and ongoing support to keep you on track with your goals. Basic Plan: Daily check-ins via text (Monday to Friday), one 60-minute call per month. This plan is perfect for those who need regular motivation and accountability without extensive time commitments. Standard Plan: Daily check-ins via text (Monday to Saturday), one 60-minute call bi-weekly. This plan is ideal for individuals seeking a balance of frequent check-ins and more in-depth bi-weekly discussions. Premium Plan: This plan offers the highest level of support, with daily interactions and weekly deep-dive sessions to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals. It includes daily check-ins via text (seven days a week) and one 60-minute call. Each plan is designed to provide varying levels of support and interaction based on your personal needs and schedule. Daily check-ins help maintain momentum, while scheduled calls offer a space for more detailed discussion and planning. Transformational Programs: The Total Transformation Program is a 90-day intensive program designed for deep personal growth and change. Total Transformation Program (90 Days): Weekly one-on-one sessions lasting 90 minutes each. A roadmap of goals to achieve during the 12 weeks. Focus on building confidence and self-esteem and establishing boundaries. Weekly action steps to cement success and keep you on track. Information handouts and action sheets for accountability.Unlimited email support throughout the program. Complete email recap of each session within 24-48 hours. Corporate Coaching: Tailored coaching solutions for businesses, including individual coaching sessions, group workshops, wellness programs, and executive coaching to enhance productivity and employee well-being.
  • Do you offer in-person coaching?
    Not currently. All sessions are conducted online, except for corporate coaching which can either be in-person or online.
  • Do you offer Group Coaching
    I currently offer Group Coaching as part of my corporate programmes. Group Coaching for the general public is in development and will be offered soon.
  • What do you mean by unlimited support during your programs?
    You can email me anytime, and I will respond within 24 hours. Your questions can also be used as talking points in our sessions.
  • Do you give out supporting handouts and documents?
    Yes, I provide PDFs tailored to your individual needs to support your goals. Additional information is available upon request.
  • How do I book my sessions?
    All sessions are booked through my website. Initially, I recommend booking a free Discovery Call. Once enrolled in one of my programs, you will receive a separate link to book your calls.
  • What if I’m running late for my coaching session?
    The policies for lateness also differ based on the type of program: Accountability Programs: If you are running late for your session, please notify me as soon as possible. I will call you at your booked time. If you do not answer, I will wait 15 minutes. If I have not heard from you in that time, the session will be forfeited, and a £100 cancellation charge will apply. This charge must be paid within 24 hours before your program continues. The fee is inclusive of my time but also to hold you accountable to our agreement. Transformational Programs (90-Day Total Transformation Program): Given the importance of each session, it is crucial to arrive on time. If you are running late, please inform me immediately. I will wait up to 15 minutes, but the session will still conclude at the scheduled time to respect other clients’ appointments. Frequent lateness may impact your progress, so it is important to stay punctual and committed to your schedule. If you do not show up within this time frame, the session will be forfeited, and a £100 cancellation charge will apply. This charge must be paid within 24 hours before your program continues. The fee is inclusive of my time but also to hold you accountable to our agreement.
  • How often do I need to book my calls if I enrol in a program?
    For the Total Transformation Programs, you are expected to book one session per week, preferably on the same day, for continuity and accountability. Booking the first 2-3 sessions initially is recommended to get started. Your program expires 10 days after the expected completion of your last session. These calls are held via Zoom. For Accountability coaching you are expected to book your calls in line with your plan i.e Basic, Standard or Premium. These calls are held over the phone.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    I accept Bank Transfers, PayPal, and all major credit and debit cards.
  • Do you offer refunds if I feel the coaching isn’t for me?
    Refund policies differ by program type: Accountability Programs: Refunds are available within the first 7 days of the first month. Afterwards, a 25% refund of the current month’s fee is possible if no more than one session is used. No refunds for previous months. Transformational Programs: Refunds are not typically offered once the program has begun. Client satisfaction is a priority, and concerns are addressed case-by-case.
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