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Empower your team with Whole Self Coach’s Corporate Coaching programmes designed to foster growth, enhance productivity, and boost employee well-being. Our tailored coaching solutions provide the support and guidance your employees need to thrive professionally and personally. To find out more information or to enquire about fees, please email Operations Director

Corporate Coaching

Personalised one-on-one coaching sessions to address specific needs and goals. Our expert coaches will work with your employees to unlock their potential, enhance their skills, and achieve their objectives.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Interactive workshops focused on various aspects of personal and professional development. Topics include leadership, communication, stress management, and team building.

Group Workshops

Comprehensive wellness programmes incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and stress-relief techniques to promote a healthy work-life balance. It can also be added to Individual Coaching, group workshops and Executive Coaching.

Wellness Programmes

Specialised coaching for leaders and executives to enhance their leadership skills, strategic thinking, decision-making abilities, and techniques on rapport and team building.

Executive Coaching

Corporate Services

By addressing individual challenges and fostering a growth mindset, employees become more focused and efficient in their roles.

Enhanced Productivity

Coaching helps employees feel valued and supported, leading to higher engagement and job satisfaction.

Improved Employee Engagement

Our wellness programmes and mindfulness techniques help reduce stress, leading to a healthier and more resilient workforce.

Reduced Stress

Group workshops and team-building activities improve communication and collaboration among team members.

Better Team Dynamics

Corporate Coaching Benefits

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