When I’m not coaching, I’m usually up to something that will give me a challenge and keep me out of my comfort zone. One of my favourite things to do is raise money for HIV/AIDS charities, namely AIDS/LifeCycle, which is a 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles over 7 days. Each rider commits to raising $3000 minimum for the charity. It’s quite addictive to say the least, probably why I’ve done it four times! I’m aiming for my fifth in the next year or two. It’s a full year of prep and training but worth it! If you scroll down, you’ll see the videos that I’ve put together over the years. 


Up until recently, I was also a volunteer Police Officer for the Metropolitan Police Force in London. I thrived on every minute of that. A Special Constable goes through intensive training learning to deal with some very challenging and dangerous situations. Friends used to think I was crazy for doing it and not getting paid, but it was an honour to be able to give back to the community and work with some incredible officers. These days life is a little bit more peaceful, and I now spend time volunteering for the RSPCA walking the dogs when I can. I’m a total pushover for a them!


If I'm not coaching clients, I'm enjoying some good old-fashioned cooking or getting out to the gym. It has been a great learning curve and a challenge of adaptability, but I’ve certainly made the most of the time. I've never exercised so much in my lounge. 

I’m about to embark on some more study, this time with the International Sports Sciences Institute studying nutrition from a different perspective. 


So if I’m not on a bike, walking a dog, cooking food or coaching…. chances are I’m having a nap.

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