David Allison

HCI Certified Health & Life Coach

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ACCPH Accredited Member

My story for wanting to help others began after leaving school. I spent many years being bullied as a child for being 'different.' I got harassed for my entire school life for not fitting in, there wasn't a day went by when I wasn't subjected to some form of abuse... for merely being me. This opened my eyes to how I could work toward inspiring others to embrace their lives and their identities without fear or prejudice of what others thought.


Fast forward 40 (plus) years and now I am unashamedly me, with all the bells and whistles. Becoming a Health & Life Coach came about when I realised my true calling in life is to help others through coaching, by guiding them to reignite their power and discovering self-acceptance.


I've learnt to balance eating healthy, set boundaries and protect my mental health. I would love to share those techniques and my extensive training with you and get you on that path to showing up for yourself and honouring yourself. You only get one life and now more than ever you need to live it and live it well!

My energetic approach to motivation and movement began when I worked as a fitness instructor and masterclass presenter in the UK and abroad.


I then made the transition into the aviation industry, where I worked for almost 20 years. 


However, living, a healthy lifestyle while flying around the world wasn't always the top of my list! I would work through the night for hours on end and eating foods that weren't the healthiest choices. I would snack and eat junk food without any real thought about what I was doing to my body. I was spending hours and hours in the gym but not thinking about how I was fuelling it or my mind. I had arrived in a place other than where I wanted to be.


It was time for a change. I took ownership of my life, my diet and my decisions. That is why I now do what I love! Seeing clients thrive and grow through transformation is the most rewarding experience. I hold certifications for Health and Life coaching through the (ICF-accredited) Health Coach Institute, and Holistic Nutrition through AFPA (requires re-certification every two years). Continued development is essential for me as a coach; therefore, I am currently undertaking the Master Trainer certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I am also a member of The Coaching Masters based here in the UK. 


In my coaching practice, I work with clients based all over the world. Through my 90-day intensive transformation programs, we can create lasting habit change through in-depth discovery sessions and nutritional guidance. Coaching and nutrition are what excite me about helping others. Now I get to share these passions by working with people all over the world, on a deeper, more meaningful level; focussing on habit change and a positive mindset.


I believe everyone should have the opportunity to be able to open up to the possibilities that you can live the life you are meant to, not through the eyes and beliefs of others but by saying yes to yourself, showing up and thriving. My intention for you is to walk the journey with you side-by-side. Let us move aside what is keeping you from the life you want and make space for greatness.


I look forward to speaking with you soon!


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