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Website Design

Graphic Design

Desktop publishing



Your website can be designed to include some or all of the following: images, photos, email account, flash, video, music as well as text.

Maintenance & Updates

I can maintain and update your website to keep it current and relevant.

Domain names (or ‘web address’)

Here are a few domain names: | |

Most of your ISPs (Internet Service Providers) supply space for web sites. The problem there is that as you can't have a domain name, you wind up with a complicated, hard-to-remember address that isn’t easy to say or causes problems on the phone, or talking in the street to someone without a pen and paper. So, if you want to have ‘’ or ‘’, you have to have a domain name. As many domain names are already taken, I suggest you think up several options or I can help with suggestions.

Once you have your domain name, it must be registered on the internet. Domain names are registered for a fee paid either yearly or in multiple years. If you like, I can register your domain name on your behalf and we can discuss the various options. Alternatively, if you supply the domain name, register it and set it up, there is no fee.


This is where your domain name is held. Think of it like dialing your phone and it rings somewhere: that is where your website will be hosted.

There are free hosting sites, which involve dealing with adverts (not of your choice) popping up on your website. If you don’t want this (and most people don't) you will need to get a host. Costs for this vary a lot and you will need to consider the following: Is your site for a individual? Are you a business planning to do e-commerce, take credit cards, provide music, movies? Are there email addresses, and if so how many? These sites all require a monthly or annual fee and have different requirements.

If you select and set up the hosting site as well as supply the technical info, I will upload your website to your hosting site for no additional fee. Otherwise I can select and set up the hosting site for a monthly fee to be paid in increments of one year (12 months) at a time - in advance. (The reason for this is the hosting sites will invoice me, automatically - in advance.)


Basic business site:

Complex business site with e-commerce:

Basic community site

with members only area:

Basic community site

with photo gallery:

Basic charity site

with photo gallery:

Complex community site with streaming video:

Complex business site:

Business Services.
Desktop Publishing.
Graphic Design.

Website related costs


Website design costs (depending on complexity) start from:

· Between £100-£200 for individuals and charities

· Between £200-£500 for businesses

Maintenance and Updates start from £20.

Domain Name Registration - £25 (one off/yearly, includes first year of registration)

Hosting (per year)

Basic Hosting - £70.

Economy Hosting - £85. (Same as Basic but includes statistics about web traffic.)

Deluxe Hosting -£130. (This can hold multiple sites included in the same fee, including statistics.)



For more information or appointments please contact me.